This blog is intended to support leaders efforts to implement the Common Core State Standards.  The aim is to provide practical advice and resources that will allow dedicated leaders to use the Core to do good and take advantage of the opportunities created by the new standards to support ambitious teaching and beneficial instruction. This site will provide links to important web-based resources on the Common Core, the research the supports the standards, and information about efforts to implement the standards.  It will also provide practical advice for leaders who seek to use the Core to create positive change.
Throughout the goal will be on the practical dilemmas of teaching the CORE to future school leaders in my Curriculum, Curriculum Improvement,  and other classes in our Master’s in Educational Leadership certification program.  I will regularly discuss what I have learned as a teacher, teaching the Core to school leaders, and what I have learned as a researcher, learning from my students’ efforts to make beneficial change.

Thank you,

Charles Vanover, PhD
Assistant Professor
Educational Leadership
University of South Florida Saint Petersburg

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